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TheNewhope2x3 and Crossroads5 Token AirDrop & Team Building Campaign!




Use PowerFul PIF12 ( Pay It Forward ) Strategy!

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Payment Roules & Conditions:


All you have to do - is refer 12 persons to program!

12 persons in total -that is your personal  group.

You build this group only once, and here most of your job is done.

The rest should be taken care of by persons that get referred further down your downline,

by the "everyone referrs his/hers own 12" rule.


The All Members Can Also Get 2 Level Referral Bonus From Their Referrals: 8%-2%!

We Pay 2 levels Referral  Bonus: Starter up to Diamond Level
1. Level 8% :  BTC 0.00004 up to BTC 0.2
2. Level 2%:  BTC 0.00001 up to  BTC 0.05

Payout: to Account Balance.