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“”'s Recommended Strategy for Registration and Team Building!
               Once you've Started, There is No way you can stop it!

Our strategy is based on the principle of threefold return: a one time investment of energy, triple dividends!

Let your members copy the system, and your success wil be Guaranteed!

  1. Strategy: Register one office and purchase Three Starter positions.(0.0015 BTC)

   2. Strategy: Register one office and purchase Three Starter, One Hope, and One FireWall positions. (0.0125 BTC)

   3. Strategy: The Big Jump:
Register one office and purchase Three Starter position, -  Jump over the Fire Wall and Purchase High Levels Matrix Positions!




A Step By Step 12 Week Retirement Plan & Wealth Builder Strategy!

The NewHope2x3 recommends the world's easiest "Wealth Builder" strategy, based on copying!

It is on you, how much time and work will you invest!

Weekly invite just 1 partner: 12 week --12 referral!

    Place your focus on your FRONT LINE!


How it is Working? Very Easy!

1. Step: Activate yourself with 1 Starter advertiser position ( 0.0005 BTC) or use the 2 in 1 opportunity: Vip mailer or Login Page Ad ( 0.0015 BTC or 0.001 BTC)!!!

2. Step: Advertise-Advertise-Advertise- Register FREE members!!

3. Step: Show them the marketing plan and activate them in the matrix.

4. Step: Help them in copying the "12 Week Wealth Builder Strategy" !

In 12 weeks you built your 1. and 2. line:

You are entitled to 2 level matching bonus ( 8%-2%) and all the other matrix bonuses!

You Can Earn On Your Referrals Or Spills From Top Or On Your Own Positions!

All you have to do - is refer 12 persons to program!

12 persons in total -that is your personal  group.

You build this group only once, and here most of your job is done.

The rest should be taken care of by persons that get referred further down your downline,

by the "everyone referrs his/hers own 12" rule.

Develop your own team building strategy, and make others copy it! Your possibilities are limitless!

P.S. Everyone will want this, not just Network Marketers! Use it to explode
your current business, or use it as another stream of income!

Your Success!
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